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U.S. Air Force Captain (Retired), Master of Science in Aeronautical Engineering, Solopreneur, Coder, Musician, Artist, Former Fighter Pilot, Bipolar Peer Leader

Official Terms “Mental Health” and “Mental Illness” Create Stigma

The terminology in psychiatry and psychology official descriptions, and in healthcare program titles and category names, is archaic and unintentionally derogatory to the human anatomy, to the human species, and especially to those persons who have been diagnosed with psychiatric brain disorders, or illnesses.

The culprit is the term “mental” and its derivatives.

Word Choice Effects on Our Thinking

Word usage applies when alone thinking, and not just while in conversation. The person most affected by word choice is the person doing the thinking or talking, even more so than the chosen words would influence any listener.

Tone and Character to the Fragrance of Words

Fully Switching the Reputation of the Imperfect

Flaw is a term and word that I use for holding a suite of concepts. This is atypical and nonstandard. The suite is a conceptual suite of operative notions intrinsic to the scientific nature of the universe, and applicable in all sciences and arts. …

And Know Seven Aspects to Personal Wellness

Optional Teachings of Opinion

In this article I teach on several realms related to my conceptual modeling of some very basic and raw factors which I propose are involved in each individual person’s free will contributions to his or her own personal wellness.

This article remains only interested in personal effects on oneself, as it remains an article of teachings related to Zen Tao Buddhist meditation techniques, which only operate on oneself alone, primarily.

My teachings on these factors were independently concluded and are a matter of my personal opinion. …

Good and useful reminder list of 10 pitfalls to line up in the always/never category. Thanks.

SQLite is a wonderful UWP software app package for internally customizing database definition, plus derivations of custom app unique feature behaviors to be implemented with that SQLite as internal app database storage package. Such allows each app designer to custom design sleek and honed data engines for the sole tasks at hand. I'm glad I read here that SQLite is going strong, as it is well supported and well documented. Client side app code that wields SQLite can be optimized and limited needs kept clean and efficient, without server side replication bulk and sluggishness. Good article about the state of other platforms.

I'm interested in writing a technology direction assessment concerning where Microsoft is proceeding with Universal Windows Platform (UWP), WinUI, XAML, C# 9.0, and .NET Core 5 -- for producing Microsoft Store and Android Store apps for Windows 10. The Windows 10 team is highly invested I notice in the UWP methods of Windows 10 Settings and Features, plus behavior and look. UWP into WinUI (gathering up a few rare loose WPF projects instead of Windows Forms or MFC) with .NET Core is the future of Windows and Microsoft, and I would like to write on overall technology maturity and strength…

Beyond Mindfulness, toward Integrated and Accepting World View

Allowing for the Flaw and Hum Drum in World View

Mindfulness with the moment and with oneself is very beneficial to improve our connection with ourselves and our environment as the moment unfolds, by way of remaining open and penetratingly aware while experiencing the living of life, and also by way of sometimes engaging in meditation dedicated to feeling oneself more truly.

But in the wealth of reading material available to us on mindfulness, often the subject of world view to consider or adopt while remaining mindful gets looked over or left unmentioned and independent. This is understandable, as such world view…

Basic Building Blocks of What Liberty Is

The Inner Flame of Empowered Energies to the Human Will
The Inner Flame of Empowered Energies to the Human Will

I once wondered, what is liberty, really? It’s sort of elusive, and sometimes even seems much to do about nothing much. Not true. It takes liberty to even turn one’s head. It takes liberty to even lift a cup to the lips. It takes liberty to even move the mouse cursor across a computer screen, even a little bit. It takes liberty to even change what one is reading on social media, to another post or comment. It takes liberty to even speak, or react with even the slightest of bodily movement. This…

Computational Fluid Dynamics Numerical Analysis Workflow Suite

2-D and 3-D Thrust Vectoring Nozzles

U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptor, with 2D Thrust Vectoring Nozzles
U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptor, with 2D Thrust Vectoring Nozzles

Low-Speed Aircraft Deft Flight Control Capability

Fighter aircraft, no matter how powerful and efficient their turbofan or turbojet engines happen to be, when turning under immense seat-cushion acceleration forces, do slow down at a significant rate, and even more so if this is done while climbing in altitude. …

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