The Effects We have on Each Other

The scales of everyday life, plus the scales of legal judgement, are scales of liberty effects between people and organizations of people. Liberty can be reduced by loss of opportunity, instigated by another person’s accidental or intentional actions, or by more obvious loss of degree of health. Health without liberty, is health in vain. (stock agency photograph)

An important issue concerning personal liberty, is that fair conditions always, or very often, aim toward the upkeep of “freedom” to be naturally influenced by fair surrounding social and environment influences and exigencies, rather than being overly influenced by any overstepping by other humans, who might be conceptually taking liberties, from the person at issue. That’s whether the other human(s) overstepping be via commercial trade organization, via government organization, or via a fellow citizen or fellow citizens (in personal capacity), while living one’s life.

Maybe to historical liberty theory, and implicitly to my…

Valuable Liberty in the Moment, of what is Likely about Future Frontiers

Personal Liberty is secured to the ownership of each person. It is a natural blessing for each person to remain the prime authority on reporting on his or her own liberty status, in the eyes of others. The effects of likely future happenings, or just openness, on a person’s liberty are difficult to understand. This essay attempts to assist with understanding our personal liberties sensitivities to the nature of likely futures, for each and every person. (stock agency photograph)

This essay is entirely a matter of opinion. Copyright © 2021 Talon 38 Personal Media, SM-LLC.

In life, we all have near, medium, and far future potentials and some scientific natural freedom, felt to us, and beneficial to us, in the ongoing moment of now. These potentials and this freedom are made of what is open and available to us, ahead of us in time. For purposes of discussion, I describe these potentials and this freedom as “frontiers.” …

Folic Acid (the key Ingredient to Gluten) Wellness Impacts are Limited to Delayed Review

Natural folate is even present in coffee beans. (stock agency photograph)

This essay is entirely a matter of opinion. Copyright © 2021 Talon 38 Personal Media, SM-LLC.

In my opinion, what makes gluten what it is stems from folic acid, not from wheat itself.

Noticing folic acid is tricky.

Folic acid tastes the same as folate, and even enhances the satisfying feel of food immediately. …

Folate is not so Essential or Crucial, Unless Folic Acid Toxic

This essay is entirely a matter of opinion. Copyright © 2021 Talon 38 Personal Media, SM-LLC.

For those with MTHFR genetic mutations, folic acid lingers unmetabolized, and liver function is poor at eliminating it and its byproducts. It takes great amounts of time to reduce years of buildup of folic acid toxicity, but there are some techniques that can assist the process. (stock agency illustration)

Folic Acid was invented in 1943, with the goal of creating an artificial equivalent to folate, that had long shelf-life, and could be easily added to a variety of foods. Naturally occurring folate is found in fruits, fruit juices, beans, nuts and seeds, and table classic vegetables.

From my experience living with good health before 1996–1998 (when folic acid was introduced into United States food supplies) folate from casual eating seemed adequate, with no emergency essential status to folate by any means.

However, government…

Where and how scientific “natural law” is enforced

This essay is entirely a matter of opinion. Copyright © 2021 Talon 38 Personal Media, SM-LLC.

A feather is unique in every case. The laws of nature that apply to its existence and behavior, are imbued in the elemental fabric of it, and in the elemental fabric of its surroundings. (stock agency photograph)

Most of us adults have had some basic education in our youth concerning natural scientific laws and principles. The laws are sometimes expressed in words, and sometimes the perfect and simplistic “bogus but telling” versions can be easily expressed in equations.

Yet in our educations there is typically (to my knowledge) no discussion of where these laws come from, and how they manage to affect everything such that all things obey the laws. It is left…

An Introduction to Folic Acid Survival Issues

This essay is entirely a matter of opinion. Copyright © Talon 38 Personal Media, SM-LLC

Folic Acid is marketed and presented by many official and authoritative sources to be an emergency-essential ingredient and a hero of a nutrient, when it is far from that, in my opinion. In my opinion, it causes post-partum depressions, and mental illness (stock agency illustration)

My name is Patrick. I have a brain (mental) illness. At this point in time, I am relatively sure that my bipolar disorder was, and is, caused by folic acid ingestion buildup. My bipolar symptoms began two years after beginning the eating of folic acid laced foods. …

How Haphazard Ideas and Interests might occur in Animal and Human Brains

Human Liberty with Inalienable Free Will, Intrinsically Quite Limited but of Great Worth (stock agency illustration)
Human Liberty with Inalienable Free Will, Intrinsically Quite Limited but of Great Worth (stock agency illustration)

Greetings to new readers. I would advise each of you to not undertake the time-consuming, and deep-thought provoking, reading of this essay, unless you have more than ample time, energy, sharpness, and patience at the ready — such as when fresh in the morning.


A soma-centric theory, of spontaneous and haphazard accidental subcellular life actions resulting in the much larger-in-scale overall person having haphazard thoughts and actions, not predeterminable, is proposed and discussed. The theory is proposed with confidence in its potential merit and possible correctness. Aggregate brain…

An Essay by Patrick Lee Cheatham

In my opinion, retired U.S. uniformed military personnel duty is twofold.

Flexibility is Paramount to U.S. Air Force Doctrine (Stock Agency Photograph)

1 — Ready and Accessible to Assist Other Citizens

The first portion of my retiree duty, I believe to be a solely freelance and fully self-governing duty to stand ready and accessible to the citizenry, as a person extensively trained in resource management, personal energy management, risk and safety perspective without excessive security attitudes, and basic survival skills.

This differs greatly from violence-ready uniformed “active duty,” “reserve duty,” or “state guard duty.” Instead, the idea is fully non-violent, with the only exceptions being in those cases applicable to any citizen: violent reactive…

Nature’s Composition under Attack by those who Vilify Natural Death

Nature’s Composition on Our Planet

In my opinion, viruses are a natural part of our environment. They are single cell organisms essential to our planets biosphere and ecosystem. In some ways they get priority, followed next by insects, then by the remaining animal life, to the planet’s natural order of all animal life, to include human life. The remainder of this article is an opinion piece, and does not reflect on anyone else, or any other organization, besides me and my publishing business.

(Stock Agency Illustration)

Virus Eradication would be Harmful to Nature

Excessive purification of our atmosphere would in impossible notion, destroy all life…

Human Body Thermodynamics of Heat Transfer in Convection, Conduction, and Radiative Heating (plus Bonuses on Humidity, Personal Hydration, and Body Weight)

(stock agency photograph)

Surprises in the Sciences are Refreshing

It’s a matter of playing with ideas, and enjoying some of the wonderful ways of natural processes in science and nature: our world and nearby. It’s better not to lay out a bunch of rules and behaviors, but to go exploring something, getting to support the effort with some considerations, calculations, and side notes, all along the way. Working and manipulating the ideas toward some ends is a joy. …

Patrick L. Cheatham

U.S. Air Force Captain (Retired), Master of Science in Aeronautical Engineering, Solopreneur, Coder, Musician, Author, Photographer, and Bipolar Example

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